We are leaving Texas!!! Our few days here were really fun... did Dallas, Houston & Austin. Wish we had more time to explore but we did see 1 Buc-ee's, got crazy good diner food, countless tacos & played 3 sick shows! Our El Paso show got cancelled so we added a Halloween show in Phoenix... but we don't have costumes ready fml... hopefully an idea strikes in the next 24 hours

Today we're driving like 12 hours and tomorrow another 4! So far just chilling in the sprinter n maybe will get into some movies soon... crazy that tour's almost done jeez!!!!!

-Mica & Matt, 10/30/21

Hey .. we're on the way to Dallas from New Orleans!! Had a day off in Nola yesterday & had so much fun eating food and exploring. Met up with our Milagros friends and ate Ethiopian food at their house... then we went to the sculpture garden and saw a fire Singing Tree (wind chimes), got Beignets, then ate good dips with George n crew, went to 2 Walmarts, a Dick's Sporting Goods store and then to a fun barcade called Seacave!

Also pet some dogs in between. Slept 9+ hours and got some cool new shirts from Milagros, since we're running out of clean Milagros shirts to wear. Also found the 2 Willy Wonka movies at Walmart for $5... safe to say we are set up for success for the last week of tour!! We miss writing songs, loving tour but also hype to get back home and start writing again:)

-Mica & Matt, 10/26/21


We are on our way to New Orleans from Miami today! Gonna stop to sleep along the way and make it to Nola tomorrow. Matt's driving rn but he'll prob write the next update. We spent a day in Miami yesterday & it was so nice to see our family and pets! We ate good food and slept 10 hours.. 

So wild that the album is 2 weeks old- we finally saw our vinyl for the first time and it looks soo good, it's cool to see the album in large physical form. My mom helped us wash our bodysuits without the colors getting wrecked so we're excited wear them again for our shows and smell good while doing it... what else?? Miami was so rainy but it was kind of a cozy vibe. We watched Cable Guy in the tour sprinter and I hadn't seen it before... good stuff....

-Mica, 10/23/21

We are on tour!! Right now we are driving from Atlanta to Miami. We tried Taco Bell and Cook Out yesterday for the first time - Cook Out is the winner..

We're really excited to play in New Orleans later this week and see our friends from the Hysterical Us music vid shoot... Performing the album songs live has been so cool, the more time passes the more people know the words to the new songs n we love to hear them sing along.... <3

-Mica, 10/21/21